by Big Skapinsky

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A fauna of sounds.
A flora of effects.

Samples, Loops, and Synthesizers
Each struggling to survive

Creating a constantly changing
Yet perfectly balanced Musical Ecosystem




released October 31, 2012

This EP is dedicated to my brother, Hadrien, who has discovered the magic of electronic music production alongside me. It is also dedicated to my friends in the States and in Europe that have stood by and always given me constructive feedback and more moral support than anyone could wish for. My Parents also gets plenty of credit, because them constantly reminding me to pursue my dream, even though the music I was making wasn't always to their liking, is something I truly admire. This EP would't be the quality it is now without a few key players. Hadrien alwaysgave very good criticism, all the credit is given there, but I recently befriended two fans that have become indispensable critics: Steve Oldfield and Ryan Kleinberg. Steve always had the technical "2 cents" that really turned a track around, and Ryan was always so enthusiastic in my musical creation, it only gave more fuel to my urge to make this release the best I could make it. And most of all, none of this would be possible without you. if you are reading this, you have either bought the CD, or are digging veeeeeery deep into my Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest pages, which makes you either really creepy, or an unconditional fan. Either way, I really appreciate you taking such an interest in my music. I really do it for you guys. If I were alone on earth, I wouldn't be a musician…




Big Skapinsky Sierre, Switzerland

Swiss Student who's always had a sweet spot for making music.
Slowly starting to get up into the music world playing at various gigs, selling titles across the internet, and composing music for games.

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